Fuel your yard with some beautiful flowers

Looking for some high quality flowers and yard accessories? The Garden Station on Broadway is the place to get them. Ask for Betsey, she and her husband work tirelessly to keep their products looking perfect. Cool location too it’s an old service station.

Garden Station
A former gas station makes a perfect garden center.

Crasian Brewery has great beer

The latest addition to the craft brewing craze is Crasian Brewing in Brookston, Indiana. Crasian is also one of the best. Tom and Michele Bulington are the proprietors and boy do they know how to brew tasty beers. A trip over to visit them is well worth it. Usually have five or six beers on tap and you can leave with a growler or crowler. Keep an eye out for Crasian beers to be on tap at bars in the area.


GT Carts

After you dock your boat, go for a cruise around the neighborhood. In a GT Cart! Matt, Ben and Jason Gritten will do what ever they can to put you in the perfect recreational golf cart. Visit them right off Sixth street on Fisher. With carts that look like this you’ll be buying! Check out their site at gtcarts.com

A GT Cart is much fun to drive as it is to look at. And boy they look good.

Whyte Horse Winery

Here’s a cool place we love in Monticello. In just a few short years The Whyte Horse Winery has become one of the area’s top attractions. Maybe it’s their story, maybe it’s the cool farm house and grounds, it’s definitely the great wine. they have won numerous awards. One sip and you’ll understand why. Visit their website at www.whytehorsewinery.com


Susan’s Freeman Bay

Susan Wagner has been operating the coolest gas dock on Freeman for nine years. She and her staff serve up smiles with a splash of sarcasm. Susan’s is a great pit stop destination while adventuring on Lake Freeman. It’s not just for gas, kids love the candy and ice cream. Adults love the help her staff gives while docking. Cruise by their site at www.SusansFreemanBay.com Better yet, boat on by, you’ll be back time and time again.

Lake Freeman Life loves Susan’s Freeman Bay!

Make a stop at Susan's. It's fun for everyone

Real Estate Network

So you’ve just spent a weekend at a friend’s cottage on Lake Freeman. Now you want to buy a place. Visit www.homes-by-network.com Or give ‘em a call and ask for Gilda. They list more cabins, cottages and homes on Lake Freeman than anyone. They’re easy to work with, strive to find your family the perfect fit and won’t pressure you.

GildaWebs r2 c2
Lake Freeman Facts

Sea Level Elevation: 610'