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Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets for the Lake Freeman Fireworks, we are sold out! However we still need your help! Everyone who lives on Lake Freeman and enjoys the incredible show should donate to the cause. Any amount is helpful. $10, $20. You can even buy T-shirts and Yeti’s. They are available at Susan’s or at

ALSO… There is a Fireworks show this weekend May 29th! It’s a test show at our new location directly across from Tall Timbers. Come on out and enjoy. Test your boat lights, the Conservation Officers will be out!!!

Lake Freeman Fireworks
SPECIAL NOTE! There will be NO viewing access for the fireworks this Saturday from Tall Timber's Marina, Yeoman Church or Hidden Acres Golf Course. This is due to insurance reason's.

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Rock The Dock! This Sunday on the Madam Carroll.


The US Federal Court of Appeals has issued their opinion. It was a bad news/good news opinion. Yes, they agreed the science was applicable, but strongly questioned the USFWS notion that their mandate would have a minor effect on Lake Freeman. Hmmm, they drained the Lake almost completely, killed hundreds of thousands of Pearl Mussels, and cost local businesses millions of dollars. We call that major.

Contact our local politicians and ask them their opinion. Just click on their name and send them a message — 

Senator Todd Young

Senator Mike Braun

U.S. Congressman, 4th district Jim Baird

History: In 2014, the US Fish and Wildlife Service issued a mandate to maintain a minimum 500 CFS discharge from the Oakdale Dam. This is an attempt to hydrate endangered mussels down river from the Oakdale on the Lower Tippecanoe River. To be clear, we are all in favor of conservation and protecting our lakes and the river. The mandate was issued to keep a subjective minimum flow of water to the Lower Tippy. A legal fight has been underway ever since. The mussels have thrived for millions of years, it is testimony to the incredible water conditions of the Twin Lakes and Tippycanoe River. Lake Freeman should not be the watering can for the Lower Tippy. Here’s a link to the Indiana USFWS overview.

"Endangered" Sheepnose Mussels are found in Lake Freeman and the Tippecanoe River

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Congressman Baird vows to help Lake Freeman

Congressman Jim Baird (4th District Indiana) was re-elected to a second term. All of us on Lake Freeman could not be happier. He has been a stout advocate for the Lake. In his promise to constituents, he called the Lake Freeman situation a “Catastrophe”. He also vowed to make sure the lowering and its’ affects never happens again. A big thank you to Congressman Baird!

Jim Baird Lake Freeman
Thank you Congressman Baird. You know how important Lake Freeman is to businesses, residents, fish and yes, even mussels!
Lake Freeman Facts

Did you know?

Over 221,000 mussels have died on Lake Freeman since August of 2020 due to the USFWS water release mandate.