Abnormal River Condition Issued for lake Freeman

Oakdale Dam during normal water discharge

As SFLECC continues to fight for “Run of River” standards for Lake Freeman, the United State Department of Conservation has issued its mandate to maintain 500 CFS discharge from the Oakdale Dam. This is some bizarre attempt to save endangered mussels down river from the Oakdale on the Tippecanoe River. To be clear, we are all in favor of conservation and protecting our lakes. The mandate was issued in 2014 to keep a subjective minimum flow of water to the lower Tippy. A legal fight has been underway ever since. These mussels have thrived for millions of years, it is testimony to the incredible water conditions of the Twin Lakes and Tippycanoe River. Lake Freeman should not be the watering can for the lower Tippy. Low lake levels on Lake Freeman present dangerous safety hazards. So please keep to the main channel, be extra careful when enjoying waterspouts and watch out for submerged objects. Lets pray for more rain.

A Sheepnose Mussel found in Lake Freeman and the Tippecanoe River

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Snacks at Susan's

When your boat is thirsty for gas, make sure you satisfy your hunger pangs too. Susan’s Freeman Bay is the place to fuel up for everyone. Now her snack list is posted on the gas pumps. Susan also has a brochure so you can be prepared when you dock.She has about anything you could possibly want. And lots of cool merchandise inside, but you can’t go in right now so ask. The gals who work the dock are working their tails off, give a tip!

Sfb Dockside Menu
What is more fun than a snack on the boat?

What is your favorite Lake Freeman summer beverage?

Poll Results

What is your favorite Lake Freeman summer beverage?

  • Ice Tea ( 10%)

  • Beer ( 54%)

  • Wine ( 8%)

  • Soda ( 4%)

  • Lemonade ( 0%)

  • Margarita ( 4%)

  • Vodka with ? ( 18%)

  • Energy Drink ( 2%)

Lake Freeman Facts

Length: 11.99 miles.