Here’s an interesting concept, Mussels hibernate.

Well they don’t actually hibernate. They go into a state of dormancy. Like most water creatures, mussels are not active in the winter. They burrow deeper into the sandy bottom of lake and stream beds. They also do not eat. So that means they don’t need a large amount of water. (500cfs) This is fact and based on science. Winter would be a good time for USFWS, FERC, NIPSCO and SFLECC to come to the table and agree to back off the water effluence from the Oakdale Dam. It would give Lake Freeman time to heal and not harm any endangered mussels. A win win. Everyone is looking for a better solution and this one makes sense and is biologically driven.

Img 2614
Mussels know how to survive. They've been on planet Earth for millions of years

Stay Clear During Sailing Regattas

When boating on the South portion of Lake Freeman on a Sunday afternoon and you see orange boy’s in the middle of the lake, be aware that the Lake Freeman Yacht Club is probably holding a regatta. It’s fun to watch the sail boats, but be respectful and keep your distance.

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Watching Jaws floating at your dock is crazy fun

On a whim, I decided to have a party. Not just any party, a party with some teeth. I invited thirty or so friends over, had them bring their floats and beverages, got a projector and some speakers and watched the classic “Jaws”. I thought it would be fun, but it was really fun. Hey, the Lakeshore Drive-In is still pretty cool, but if you’re looking for something different on a hot summer night… it was a blast!

Lake Freeamn Jaws Party

The Madam and The Oakdale

Big things have been happening at both the Madam Carroll and the Oakdale Bar & Grill. In case you haven’t ventured by either Lake Freeman business, we encourage you to. The Oakdale now has an incredible beer garden and patio. The Madam Carroll has a very robust schedule and top talent for its cruises. AND it just received a modification to it’s liquor license to remain open while docked!

Thank you Chris Peters and Nick Blum for all your hard work.

Chris Peters Nick Blum
Chris Peters, Madam Carroll and Nick Blum, Oakdale Bar & Grill

The Superman of Lake Freeman

Carmel Harrison doesn't stay in shape by sitting around.

Carmel Harrison is one of the neatest guys I’ve met in the area around Lake Freeman. He’s 80, that’s right 80, and still cuts wood like a lumberjack! Carmel has the best firewood you can find around Twin Lakes. He seasons it, sorts it, and loads it. He’s got fast and hot burning Pine, slow burning Oak and wood smoking Hickory. He’s located down road 1100 & 421, at The Landings. Swing by and pick up a load. He’ll be glad to see you.

The Eagle has landed

By Susie Karberg

During the twenty-five years that we have lived full time on the lake, until this year, we have seen Bald Eagles in the sky only a few times.
Last week, Lindy, my husband, and I were beginning to think about the errands we had to do in the afternoon, moving unhurriedly in late morning when suddenly, Lindy said quietly, “Suzy, your eagle has finally landed.” For years, I have wished and wished to be one of the lucky ones able to catch more than a fleeting glimpse as eagles fly by with a tease of their magnitude. Lindy took a deep breath, headed off to grab his good camera. A full minute later, with fingers crossed, he began to photograph. Transfixed, I watched. We wanted so badly to get a few good pictures. Magnificent in bearing, it’s all about the stance, the broad shoulders, the head held high. Proud, assured, yet comfy on the branch 30 feet from our large picture window and 50 feet above the lake.

Lindy was not only able capture a moment before our guest moved on, for the next TWO HOURS , he continued to shoot photo after photo as our new friend sat, for the most part, quietly on his narrow branch. Still, the Bald Eagle is elusive. The pictures don’t quite tell his story. He is larger than life in person. And, by the way, what was he doing on the branch? So serene. Resting? Watching for fish in the freshly thawed lake? Or, as I would like to believe, maybe practicing his morning ritual as only Bald Eagles can.


Meet Sadie, the laid back pooch living the lake life

We all know really cool dogs, but this one is exceptional. You’ll find Sadie at the sandbar, spotting wake boarders or cruising the neighborhood in a golf cart. She belongs to Steve and Amy Pollack who have made her comfortable around the water since she was really young. I love seeing dogs with sea legs. 

Some dogs take to the water easy, while others need some time. If you bring your dog out, especially to the sandbar, keep an eye on them. Not all dogs are as cool as Sadie. She’ll be watching from her chair!


Enjoy a fire and a laugh with friends

Whats better than staring at a fire? Another special Lake Freeman experience. The song is an old Hank Williams tune. Happy summer people, enjoy and be safe!

The Best Boating Grill For Lake Freeman

If you’re looking for a grill to bring on the boat, look no further than the Weber Q.

This grill has been battle tested on the Lake Freeman Sand Bar. And passed with flying colors. If your boat has an extended swim platform, the Weber Q fits perfectly. Just put an old towel underneath it to catch any grease. You can also buy a nifty, lightweight stand that can go right in the water.

The Weber Q heats up hot and evenly with disposable camping propane tanks.

There are two models the 1000 and 2000, basically small and large. This year they are also available in a number of colors. It’s not the cheapest grill, about $199, but after the first time you use it you’ll think it’s worth every penny.

So come on, become a sandbar chef. Ok, end of commercial!


100 fun things to do around Lake Freeman

  1. Go for a cruise on the boat
  2. Work on your tan (But put on some sunscreen)
  3. Enjoy friends and family
  4. Enjoy a bonfire
  5. Don’t forget the S’mores
  6. Hit Indiana Beach Amusement Park
  7. Catch a flick at the Twin Lakes Drive-In
  8. Come on, at least try waterskiing
  9. Fish for Bass, Crappie and Walleye
  10. Check out a Fest in downtown Monticello
  11. Go for a tasting at Whyte Horse Winery
  12. Go to a sports event at Purdue. Boiler Up!
  13. Golf at Tippecanoe or Pine View C.C.
  14. Maybe miniature golf is your style
  15. Ride Bikes
  16. Ride Horses at Crooked Creek
  17. Ride a four-wheeler through the woods
  18. Ride a Jet Ski around Ski Island
  19. Jump off your dock!
  20. Wear wild swim shorts
Enjoy a Bonfire
  1. Wear a wild bikini
  2. Eat at the Historic Sportsman’s Inn
  3. Jog around the Lake. (Or at least try!)
  4. Sleep out in a tent
  5. Ahh!, a frosty Margarita.
  6. Read a book by the Lake
  7. Fireworks. Fireworks. Fireworks!
  8. Watch an awesome sunset
  9. Go fly a kite
  10. Go for walk and enjoy the fresh air
  11. Go to Peoples Brewery
  12. Get up early and watch the sunrise
  13. Stay up late and gaze at the brilliant stars
  14. Ride the Madam Carroll
  15. Get an Ice Cream Bar at Susan’s Freeman Bay
  16. Tube with your best friend!
  17. Bird watch. Woodpeckers to Eagles.
  18. Relish a big, deep breathe of fresh air
  19. Play volleyball at the sandbar
  20. Explore the countryside
Hit Indiana Beach Amusement Park
Play volleyball at the sandbar
  1. Catch a local band
  2. Buy vegetables at local stand
  3. Make silly faces
  4. Master paddle boarding
  5. Get married lakeside
  6. Duck under Tioga Bridge
  7. Jump off the Tioga Bridge (Only kidding)
  8. Enjoy some Indiana Lobster
  9. Go duck hunting
  10. Hunt for clams and mussels
  11. Take a ride in a golf cart
  12. Play “Bottle Frisbee” at the Sandbar
  13. When was the last time you did a cannonball?
  14. When was the last time you skinny-dipped?!
  15. Join the yacht club
  16. Look at the Dam from Oak Dale Dam Inn
  17. Go the whole weekend without shaving
  18. Break out your guitar
  19. Visit a local business
  20. Grab a beer and a game at BJ Wingers
Come on, at least try waterskiing
Get married lakeside
  1. Play a game of cards
  2. Get a paddle and Kayak
  3. Swing in a hammock
  4. Take a nap
  5. Why does beer taste so good at the Lake?
  6. Keep an eye out for deer
  7. Catch fire flies
  8. Turn OFF the TV
  9. Turn up the music
  10. Have a water balloon fight with the kids
  11. Open the windows
  12. Play “Bags” with your buddies
  13. Go Antiquing
  14. Climb a tree
  15. Plant a tree
  16. Enjoy the Fall colors
  17. Jump in a pile of leaves
  18. Catch a frog
  19. Smile more
  20. Sing some Karaoke
Watch an awesome sunset
  1. Play hide and go seek
  2. Play ghost in the graveyard
  3. Play Marco Polo (Wait don’t)
  4. Skip Stones
  5. Throw some shrimp on the BBQ
  6. Eat outside
  7. Tell ghost stories
  8. Let your dog walk you
  9. Check out downtown Delphi
  10. Race go-carts
  11. Eat a watermelon
  12. Buy the kids bubbles
  13. Do a flip on a wakeboard
  14. It’s five o’clock somewhere
  15. Let the kids stay up late
  16. Visit the Monticello Historical Society
  17. Wave at someone on a boat
  18. Check out all the cool lake houses
  19. Buy a cool lake house
Make silly faces
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