Here’s an interesting concept, Mussels hibernate.

Well they don’t actually hibernate. They go into a state of dormancy. Like most water creatures, mussels are not active in the winter. They burrow deeper into the sandy bottom of lake and stream beds. They also do not eat. So that means they don’t need a large amount of water. (500cfs) This is fact and based on science. Winter would be a good time for USFWS, FERC, NIPSCO and SFLECC to come to the table and agree to back off the water effluence from the Oakdale Dam. It would give Lake Freeman time to heal and not harm any endangered mussels. A win win. Everyone is looking for a better solution and this one makes sense and is biologically driven.

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Mussels know how to survive. They've been on planet Earth for millions of years

Some Good Tips When Launching Your Boat.

I saw this and just had to share it. Always important to be kind and mindful at the boat ramp. Ha! The stories I could tell.
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Did you know?

Oakdale Dam Inn is on the location of the Mess Hall for the crew who built The Dam.