The Madam Carroll has decided to stay out and play.

Bill Luse Lounge
L to R: Chris Lehe, Chris Peters, Bill Luse, Judy Luse

Chris Peters has been a busy guy this summer. The Madam Carroll is enjoying some new energy and continues to be the pride of Lake Freeman. Chris and his partner, Chris Lehe took over the vessel in early 2019 and have been reinventing the experiences She offers.

They’ve introduced the renovated “Bill Luse Lounge”. Chris has a whole season of activities planned including Brunch with Santa on December 14thand a killer 1920’s themed News Years party. Live music on Friday’s NO COVER 9PM til Midnight! New hours Wednesdays: 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Thursdays: 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Fridays: 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM.

So if you live in the Monticello area or you’re here visiting, make it a point to visit the Bill Luse Lounge on the Madam Carroll this winter.


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SFLECC is keeping the fight alive


SFLECC is keeping the fight alive

Here’s the latest on our lake level situation. The Shafer and Freeman Lakes Environmental Conservation Corporation (SFLECC) has filed an appeal with the US Court of appeals to overturn the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions (FERC) decision to side with the United States Fish and Wildlife Administration regarding abnormal low flow parameters. Basically it means when it doesn’t rain, NIPSCO will lower Lake Freeman to keep endangered mussels hydrated on the lower Tippecanoe River. This is a total joke and everyone knows it. The mussels have thrived for a million years without Lake Freeman as a watering can. What it does mean for Lake Freeman is dangerous conditions for boating, safety issues for docks, seawalls and piers and a huge impact to our tourism economy. SFLECC needs our financial help to win this battle. If you would like to donate, visit

What is your favorite Lake Freeman summer beverage?

Poll Results

What is your favorite Lake Freeman summer beverage?

  • Ice Tea ( 15.63%)

  • Beer ( 46.88%)

  • Wine ( 12.5%)

  • Soda ( 0%)

  • Lemonade ( 0%)

  • Margarita ( 3.13%)

  • Vodka with ? ( 18.75%)

  • Energy Drink ( 3.13%)

Lake Freeman Facts

How deep is Lake Freeman?

A few spots measure 44 feet